What are CannaCoins [ Legal Cannabis Blockchain Crowdfunding Community]?

CannaCoin is a measurement of monetary value to utilize as a principle to beneficially obtain and maintain legal cannabis-related business startups. The principle will be contributed directly towards acquiring necessary requirements to successfully establish and operate a cannabis-related company, having recently filed for, or in the process of, legal operation. In addition, means will be effectively contributed towards fees and costs associated with those who have been detrimentally incarcerated or charged for cannabis-related crimes. CannaCoin also gives Grants to CannaCoin Holders to Promote the Legalization of Marijuana Worldwide. Claim Your Stake Today in the Emerging Cannabis Industry! 

How do I buy CannaCoins?

You can buy CannaCoins with over 5 Cryptos. Go to the Home page by clicking the logo or go to WX.NETWORK

For Further correspondence just submit a form we are happy to help.

What is the Service CannaCoin offer?

We offer a Blockchain Grant to Legal Cannabis Businesses that are CannaCoin Holders. In addition, we offer 9 Utilities with $NAN

Can I convert My CannaCoins for other Cryptos?

Yes, you can transfer your CannaCoins balance to Waves, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, BioTech Tokens, & Macro Tokens

Can I get CannaCoins for free?

Yes, by voting for funding and we will give away CannaCoin on certain occasions so stay tuned!

How do I buy CannaCoin?

How do I send a Message using CannaCoin?